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As a member of the German Association for EU Conformity (DEGEUK) e.V., we fulfill all necessary regulations, so that you, as our partner, can trust that we always meet the high standards of professionalism, expertise and safety.

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Your advantages when purchasing a LifeCube cryo chamber


The LifeCube cryo chamber is versatile


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  • Gyms / Fitness studios
  • Performance sports centers
  • Sports clubs


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  • Pain centers
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Hospitals
  • Practices for physiotherapy and occupational therapy


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  • Cosmetic studios
  • Wellness hotels
  • Thermal baths
  • Spas
  • Tanning salons
  • Saunas


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Of course, there is also the possibility of using the LifeCube cryo chamber for private purposes – we are always happy to realize your individual design ideas

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The LifeCube cryo chamber

Not all cryo chambers are the same. Our model has decisive advantages:

Safe application: electrical cryo chambers pose no health risks such as suffocations or frostbites

Low operational costs: The LifeCube helps you save costs in the long turn with low power consumption and small maintenance costs

Made in Germany: Our cryo chambers are high-class products with the best quality directly from Germany

Innovative App: The LifeCube is practical and easy to operate via interactive app on the supplied tablet and smartwatches

Time and place saving: No storage and change of nitrogen-tanks necessary

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Your individual LifeCube cryo chamber



In addition to our standard models, we also offer custom-made LifeCube cryo chambers. We would love to fulfill your personal wishes and requirements and create your own individual LifeCube!

As the measurements of our LifeCube can be adjusted individually, our electrical cryo chamber fits in every room.

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Since beauty and quality lie in the detail, a perfect implementation is our drive. We’ll provide you with tailor-made solutions for your design wishes and requirements.

Cosmetic-Solution manufactures all of its products in Germany. This way we can guarantee a consistent, excellent quality you can count on!

Are you interested in purchasing your very own LifeCube cryo chamber? Please feel free to contact us. We are happy to advise.

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Comparison: Electric cryo chamber LifeCube vs. nitrogen cryo chambers


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Summary of the comparison:

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Purchase and financing

You would like to purchase or lease a LifeCube cryo chamber?
We’ll make you an individual offer.


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